Hello everyone. I welcome you to follow along as I travel through this adventure called life. I am not entirely sure just what direction this blog will take, though it will likely be in a constant state of change anyway. I plan to record various adventures from my time as a college student, being a husband and father, hopefully a great deal of outdoors stuff and whatever else comes to mind.

Just to give a bit of background, I am a 35 year old college student in the process of changing majors from pre-med to writing. Quite a turn there but I finally realized where my passion lies and what I want to do with myself.

A few projects that I do want to tackle include building a canoe, traveling a couple of rivers in said canoe, doing a few extended camp outs in a nearby wildlife management area, and a bit of traveling on my motorcycle.

Well, I must be off for now. Take care and happy traveling.


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