A 1982 Yamaha

Well, I skipped writing anything yesterday, in part due to having limited internet access. I think today that I will write just a little about my motorcycle, and if I can figure out how to insert an image I shall do so.

About three weeks ago I became the owner of a 1982 Yamaha 650 Maxim. Quite a bit different than my first bike which was a Honda Shadow of the v-twin cruiser styling. The Yamaha has what is considered more of a street style to it and the inline-4 650 motor sure has some pep to it. In the last three weeks I have already put a bit of 1000 miles on it just traveling to school and work. I’ve been riding bikes for a grand total of 8 months and have in the neighborhood of 9000 miles on a bike. And I have loved every single mile.

For those of you that have thought about trying out a bike but have hesitated for whatever reason, I highly suggest taking the chance. If nothing else at least go take a motorcycle safety course. There’s nothing like being on a bike riding down the highway our carving through the twisties, which is my favorite part and where my Yamaha really shines. It is quite the nimble little bike.

My hope is to keep this bike for a good long while and write of some of my adventures on it. I have a couple projects in mind that involve doing some shorter distance travels and a camera, or at least my iPhone. One of these days I hope to get a decent camera that has real lenses and such. But I do not wish to divulge to much on those projects just yet, they may be some time in coming.

In other news I did start in a short story today! It will be a bit of historical fiction centered around my home town. Quite proud of myself for taking some major steps towards what I hope becomes a career as a writer.

Well, I’m off for now. And here’s the promised pic. Not my best, but it’s to dark out to do better.



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